CTS Farm


Chris Smith



CTS Farms is a renowned horse farm located in Ranburne Alabama. Founded by Chris Smith, a seasoned horseman with a passion for training and breeding horses, the ranch specializes in raising top-quality horses for various disciplines, including rope, barrel, and trail riding.

With decades of experience, Chris Smith has developed a reputation for producing exceptional horses known for their athleticism, agility, and trainability. The ranch carefully selects and breeds horses with excellent conformation, strong bloodlines, and a natural aptitude for specific disciplines.

In addition to rope and barrel horses, the Chris Smith Ranch also offers well-trained trail riding horses. These horses are selected for their calm temperament, sure-footedness, and ability to handle various terrains. They are trained to be reliable and dependable companions for riders exploring the scenic trails of the surrounding countryside.

CTS Farms takes pride in its commitment to producing top-quality horses that excel in their respective disciplines. With their dedication to breeding, training, and care, they have earned a reputation as a premier destination for anyone seeking exceptional rope, barrel, and trail riding horses.