H Spur Performance & Versatility Horses

H Spur Performance & Versatility Horses

Hip 22 Dual A Smooth Cat

Hip 54 Sonitas Little Freckle 

Welcome to the exciting debut of H Spur Performance & Versatility Horses at the 2024 Southern Belle Classic! Behind this new venture are the dynamic trio – Alex, Stetson, and Sarah Halverson. You might recognize a familiar face among them; Sarah, formerly of Rattan Performance Horses, who was a consignor at last year's Southern Belle Classic. Life has taken Sarah through significant changes this past year, from saying "I do" to anticipating a big move. Now, she and Alex are thrilled to mark the Southern Belle Classic as the grand introduction of their family-owned business.

Sarah's history in the saddle dates back to before she could walk with early memories involving riding shotgun in a baby carrier while her father, Steve Rattan, rode through wheat pasture cattle. Her diverse background spans from rodeo events, cutting, and three-day eventing, with training under the tutelage of renowned mentors in each discipline.

On the other hand, Alex Halverson embarked on his riding journey later than Sarah, honing his fundamentals in the hunter-jumper arena before delving into the world of cutting and ranch horses, eventually managing them with expertise. Together, Sarah and Alex bring a wealth of experience to H Spur Performance & Versatility Horses, allowing them to truly grasp the essence of a well-rounded equine partner. With the newest addition to their family, little Stetson, safety is a top priority. The horses at H Spur aren't just trustworthy for seasoned riders; they are safe enough for Stetson to be around on the ground and even packed around in the saddle.

As Sarah often emphasizes, "H Spur Performance & Versatility Horses is committed to offering horses that we stand behind 110% in every way, both in the saddle and out." Their commitment extends to providing horses suitable for various needs, from ranch work to competing in the arena and leisurely trail rides. H Spur's philosophy is rooted in honesty – honest horses from honest people that are equipped with the skills, fundamentals, and experience to cater to your every equestrian desire. Join us in the saddle; experience the difference with H Spur Performance & Versatility Horses – where passion meets proficiency.