Jones Family and Versatility Horses


Carli and Wyatt Jones

Hip 4 Jaguar

Hip 36 IM Making Brilliant

Hip 51 Quigley

Our program focuses on offering good-minded and well-trained horses that the entire family can enjoy - whether it be in the show pen, working on the ranch, enjoying the trails, or hitting the rodeo circuit. We are passionate about training true equine partners that are safe, versatile, and ready for you to just plain have fun on! Being a small program, just the two of us - we get to know our horses like the back of our hand. All their favorite things, learning styles, and each of their unique personalities. It’s important to us that we know and understand our horses in every aspect, and we pride ourselves on being a unique hands-on program day in and day out. Our #1 goal is to provide the best quality horses that you and your family can make memories with for many years to come. Each horse in our program is hand selected by us, prioritizing soundness, trainability, temperament, and personality. With the goal of teaching our horses multiple disciplines, a good mind is #1. We want our horses to be physically and mentally capable of handling multiple jobs. Thank you for your interest in our program and the horses we have to offer. Please give us a call to visit personally about the horses we are offering and follow our Facebook page for updates!-Wyatt & Carli Jones, Jones Family & Versatility Horses