Lynch Performance

Jared and Brianna Lynch


Hip 20 Gunner TLC Lena

Hip 35 JS Busy Nu Chex 

Hip 42 YU B A Champ

Lynch Performance is a training program located in Canistota, SD. This program is ran by Jared and Brianna Lynch. Their passion is training high quality horses and finding the perfect fit for each individual customer.
Jared and Brianna have an extensive equine background. Jared started training horses in his teenage years and since has ridden under exceptional trainers across the US. Jared does exceptional work when it comes to starting a colt correctly, creating finished rope horses, and riding reiners.
Brianna was raised on the back of a horse and her passion has only grown stronger with time. In her younger years, Brianna rode barrel horses. This sparked her interest to pursue a degree in equine rehabilitation through Midway University in Kentucky. While there, she worked under a reining trainer gaining experience with starting colts and fired the spark of her love for reining horses.
The knowledge and experience of both Jared and Brianna have made them able to train their horses to the highest level in multiple different disciplines. A well-rounded horse is their top priority to sell to their customers. They have hand-picked four incredibly unique horses and are very excited to be offering them.