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If there has ever been a bidding platform that you can trust to make your purchases online, is it. With under one second lag time in the audio of the auctioneer and sub second latency in the auction price on the screen, you can finally trust the speed and precision of buying online in a conventional auction format. 


Getting signed up is easy.

1. Visit the website at If you are a first time user click on create account. Remember to keep your email and password. If you forget your password, click the reset password button.

2. After you create an account, you can request buying or bidding credentials. Upon approval you will receive a text from us saying that you have been approved by You are approved to buy and bid at any auction unless further credential are requested by a specific auction.

3. After you have been approved, getting a buyer number for a sale is very simple. You just visit the sale page for that auction and click the BID ONLINE button. Then there will be a GET BUYER NUMBER button that will automatically sign you in for that auction and give you a number. Note: Some sales are bidder protected and will also require a “bidder passcode” from the sale management, to obtain a buyer number.

4. Use the app on your phone, tablet or desktop computer. It is responsive and works just as well on any device provided you have good internet service.