Schrock's Performance Horses

Leroy Schrock

Hip 34 Drake

Hip 52 Blue Beard Frost

Horse’s for your family- made & trained by ours! Schrocks performance horses is a multi-generational outfit based in Southwest Missouri, owned by brothers Leroy & Reuben Schrock. 

Our primary focus is gentle horses that are well-broke & safe for the entire family.  Top notch horses are not made over night, head trainer Leroy, spends years molding horses into outstanding equine partners. From 4H kid horses to professional rope horses and using horses for the ranch, we provide them all. Our ponies and kids horses are tested (& approved!) by Richie, Leroy’s 4 year old daughter. Trust that our entire family is working hard to bring you a nice set of horses!


We firmly believe in providing our horses with outstanding care from our feeding program to chiropractic work & vet exams, we spare no expense. Every horse is examined & floated by Reuben, certified Equine Dentist. Reuben understands the feel of a horse’s mouth and how to maintain proper balance- crucial for your equine partner’s health + career. 


Schrocks Performance Horses stands behind our horses, we are proud to be a part of the Southern Belle Classic and look forward to pairing you with your next ride!