SKC Livestock

Cheyenne McPhail and Levi Brozek

Hip 45 Shiney Joe Cash

Hip 60 Xtra Neat

When Levi and Cheyenne created SKC Livestock they were aiming to put together an exceptional set of horses that would be well versed in several different disciplines. They wanted to create not only the perfect all around horse but an all around horse that was simple to ride and would fit a wide range of riders. With Levi’s Ranching background and Cheyenne’s background in the performance horses, they feel that they give these horses many different avenues. Since the beginning, SKC Livestock has continued to grow and build wonderful client relationships while selling horses all across the United States to all kinds of different equine families. 
Based in Canyon, TX, every horse that comes through this program gets a solid foundation while maintaining a real world job doing all your basic ranch chores. SKC Livestock consists of a very diverse team of people that train and/or maintain these horses in Cutting, Reining, Reining Cow horse, roping and versatility. These horses can go with Levi all day to the Feed Yard or go along to tend to grass cattle, and then come home and anyone can take them and attend any of your favorite horse shows on the weekends
For SKC, it is their passion to develop solid horses and solid client relationships that both last a lifetime and can include the whole family!